The Maid

Translated by Adam Kabat


  • Paperback | 200 pp.
  • ISBN: 9781846880995
  • Published: March 2010

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Nanase cannot remember when she first realized she could read people’s minds, but not once during her eighteen years has she ever thought that it was a particularly unusual ability. Yet, when she gets a job as a live-in maid, she is inevitably drawn into the lives, thoughts and desires of her employers, with dangerous and at times hilarious consequences.

From the sexual rapaciousness of her first boss to the grime and stench of the house where she works next and her third employer’s inability to accept she’s no longer young, Nanase’s adventures are a picaresque journey into the inner sanctum of the lives and psyches of ordinary Japanese people.

“Tsutsui stands squarely within the modern and post-modern domain from Franz Kafka to J.G. Ballard.” – The Independent


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The winner of various awards, including the Izumi Kyoka Prize, the Kawabata Prize and the Yomiuri Literary Prize, Yasutaka Tsutsui is one of the leading Japanese novelists and short-story writers. Many of his works have been adapted into plays, animes and movies.

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