Plays Vol.1


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These five plays provide an excellent introduction to Kaiser's vision of the regeneration of man, which he illustrated in his works by a total paring down of detail, penetrating to the core of the matter and revealing man's true potential.

In From Morning to Midnight the cashier, downtrodden victim of the capitalist system, turns bank robber in order to test the power, freedom and happiness that money can bring. His grand gesture of setting himself and others free turns into an odyssey of disillusion and ends in his violent death. The unique stage technique employed by Kaiser is as challenging today as it was when the play was first performed. The Burghers of Calais has always been considered Kaiser's greatest play and the "classic" of Expressionist drama. In it, Kaiser exploits the non-naturalistic technique of Expressionism. The play embraces vast expansiveness and total concentration, stylized gesture and lengthy monologues.


'These Kaiser plays... must be read by anyone with more than a passing interest in drama... One realizes how prophetic these works are – both in content and in technique.'
The Cork Examiner


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Born November 25, 1878, in Magdeburg, Germany, Georg Kaiser was to become the leader of the expressionist movement in theatre. The movement opened the door for all manner of new techniques including juxtaposition of fantasy and reality, rapidly shifting scenes, and larger-than-life, dreamlike characters.

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